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Jamaica’s rare wildlife – in pictures | Environment

The Portland Bight protected area is home to the iconic Jamaican iguana and 20 other endangered species. Its fragile coastal ecosystem and wildlife faces the risk of being lost for ever as Jamaica approves a Chinese company to build a port. Photographs by Robin Moore

‘It’s a no-brainer’: are hydrogen cars the future? | Technology

Inventor Hugo Spowers has a dream: to replace today’s cars with his own hydrogen prototype. Is the world ready? Ahead of the curve: Hugo Spowers with his hydrogen-powered car, Rasa, in the Elan Valley, Wales. Photograph: Joel Redman for the GuardianIn the mid-1990s, Hugo Spowers ran a

The best winter nail treatments | Sali Hughes | Fashion

At this time of year nails are drier from harsh weather and the hokey cokey in and out of central heating Sali Hughes: ‘One must be diligent.’ Photograph: Alex Lake for the GuardianDo some of your nails get to a certain length, then peel or split? I