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Country diary: ancient enclave where walkers usually roam | Environment

Cadson Bury, Lynher Valley: Early farmers and their animals were protected from marauders and wild creatures lurking in the dense woodland below Highland cattle above the Lynher Valley in Cornwall. Photograph: Jack SpiersJust below the summit a shaggy-coated cow with long, curving horns gazes into the greyness

Wagamama to mark Earth Day by ditching plastic straws | Environment

Asian food chain says it will hand out biodegradable paper alternative on request from 22 April Wagamama’s announcement was welcomed by some campaigners, but others questioned whether the chain was going far enough. Photograph: AlamyWagamama has become the latest restaurant chain to commit to end the use

What the Aziz Ansari Allegations Teach Us About Our Limited Idea of Consent

When allegations of sexual misconduct involving comedian Aziz Ansari first surfaced, the reaction was immediate. For so many people—women in particular—the terrible date recounted by “Grace” (her name was changed) in the Babe interview sounded all too familiar: After a quick dinner, they ended up back at his place,

Plastics found in stomachs of deepest sea creatures | Environment

‘Very worrying finding’ from nearly 11km deep confirms fears that synthetic fibres have contaminated the most remote places on Earth This microscopic arrow worm has eaten a blue plastic fibre that is blocking the passage of food along its gut. Photograph: Richard KirbyAnimals from the deepest places

BP’s Deepwater Horizon bill tops $65bn | Environment

Firm’s financial pain offset by rising oil prices as it winds down payouts from 2010 disaster The Deepwater Horizon rig pictured on fire the day after the accident on 20 April 2010. Photograph: AFP/Getty ImagesBP is nearing the end of the $65bn (£47bn) Deepwater Horizon compensation process,