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40 Tips for How to Be Sexy

In the old world, being sexy was about particular grooming, tight-fitting clothes and makeup. Now, we know that being sexy has more to do with a certain je ne sais quoi. Although science has tried to measure what makes a person more appealing, most of us know

3 Easy Ways to Help California Wildfire Victims Right Now

Wildfires are raging in several counties in southern California, and as a result, hundreds of thousands of people have been forced to leave their homes, without any idea when they might be able to return (if at all). We’re all desperate to help, and right now, our hands

The Modern Woman’s Guide to Money Etiquette When You’re Dating

Few topics in life get awkward faster than money. (Except maybe talking about sex with your parents or explaining why you’re a die-hard Democrat to your 90-year-old grandmother.) People can be famously neurotic about money, whether they have a ton of it or are trying to save more. And on a first

The Transgender Woman’s Field Guide to Dating

Dating is tough for everyone, but dating as a transgender woman is even harder. I’ve been on more dates than I can count. Starting from the early stages of my transition at age 15, through sexual reassignment surgery at 19, to being an out and proud transgender