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Weatherwatch: tiny particles in the air can trigger massive storms | Science

US scientists taking measurements above the Amazon rainforest have recorded the effects of smoke and aerosols on the weather Clouds gather over the rainforest near Manaus. Photograph: Fernanda Preto/Getty/Aurora CreativeMankind has made the world warmer, but we’ve also made it stormier. In a study conducted over the

How drones are being used to protect the Amazon’s dolphins | Environment

Drone footage is building up the missing data on dolphin populations that is crucial to ensuring their protection and long-term survival A pink or boto river dolphin in the Brazilian Amazon. Photograph: Adriano Gambarini/WWFThe drone is hovering above the Amazon river, but its battery is running low.

Remote Amazon tribe hit by mercury crisis, leaked report says | Environment

Peru’s Health Ministry found shocking contamination among the Nahua, but hasn’t published its full report Raya, one of the Nahua elders, in Santa Rosa de Serjali in the remote Peruvian Amazon. Photograph: Johan WildhagenAn indigenous people living in one of the remotest parts of the Peruvian Amazon