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In pursuit of the tortoise smugglers | News

In February 2016, Richard Lewis, a wildlife conservationist working in Madagascar, was contacted by a veterinary clinic with an unusual request. “Someone went to a vet and said: ‘Can you take a microchip out of a ploughshare?’” Lewis recalled. “So they called us.” The ploughshare tortoise is

Thai police arrest notorious wildlife trafficking suspect | Environment

Exclusive: Boonchai Bach allegedly ran tusk and horn smuggling route from Africa Bach Van Minh, posing with elephant tusks, was arrested in relation to the trafficking of rhino horns into Thailand.Police in Thailand have arrested one of the world’s most notorious wildlife traffickers, allegedly involved in the

Who’s afraid of the big bad escaped wolf? Not me | Patrick Barkham | Opinion

The panic about Torak the Berkshire escapee shows that facts cannot compete with our hoary old horror stories ‘Torak was found, meekly accepted a lead and was returned to his wildlife sanctuary.’ Photograph: Steve Parsons/PA“Rottweiler slipped his lead near school,” was the first hysterical headline. “Rottweiler on

Bacon with banned additive among risks of US-UK trade deal | World news

Soil Association issues top 10 food safety concerns posed by a transatlantic free-trade deal Ractopamine, an additive banned in the EU, is fed to pigs in the US to fatten them before slaughter. Photograph: Daniel Pepper/Getty ImagesThe sale of US bacon produced with additives strong enough to