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For and against students getting the crops in | Letters | Environment

Readers respond to an earlier letter suggesting that students should replace migrant farm workers after Brexit A backpacker picks apples during harvest in a fruit orchard. Photograph: Robert Lang Photography/Getty ImagesIn the agricultural sector there is a shortfall of 4,300 jobs with a tiny proportion of the

Britain risks losing green protections after Brexit | Environment

Friends of the Earth, National Trust and others voice ‘serious concerns’ that UK will not cooperate with EU Greener UK believes that there may be a ‘lack of willpower to ensure high standards across the UK.’ Photograph: Barbara Fischer, Australia./Getty ImagesA coalition of leading environmental groups says

How will Brexit affect British wildlife? | Environment

As an EU member state, British wildlife has been protected under two important pieces of European legislation: the habitats directive and the birds directive. These have required the UK government to establish and manage sites for the protection of vulnerable and rare animals, birds, plants, habitats and

Agricultural policy under Michael Gove | Letters | Environment

Please don’t use the word “subsidy” for payments to farmers who manage land for biodiversity and the ecosystem services it provides (Report, 3 January). A subsidy is generally considered a temporary assistance and often comes with an undertone that is negative and undeserved. There is now a