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Huntsman jailed for badger-baiting in Wales | UK news

David Thomas sentenced to 22 weeks in case that RSPCA says shows badger persecution is rife A fake sett used to hold a badger for baiting purposes. Photograph: RSPCAAn experienced huntsman has been jailed after being caught badger-baiting on remote farmland in north Wales. RSPCA inspectors and

County diary: lines made by walking | Environment

A thin white track up the field marked where footsteps of schoolchildren, dog walkers and ramblers had compacted the snow and turned it to ice. When the thaw came only the narrow ice track remained: white, opalescent, slippery and dangerous to walk on. People took to the

Can you dig it? Badger captured on camera burying cow | Environment

An American badger has been captured burying the carcass of a cow – a previously unrecorded behaviour – in an astonishing display of the creature’s digging prowess. The images were taken by camera traps set up by researchers who had left seven calf carcasses in Utah’s Grassy