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First database of burial grounds in England and Wales to be created | Culture

Heritage Lottery grant will help document inscriptions and wildlife found in graveyards A gravestone at Ratlinghope churchyard in Shropshire. Photograph: cfga.orgThe first national database to record all the natural and manmade treasures of burial grounds, from the giant Victorian urban cemeteries to little country churchyards, is to

Country diary: clear skies where lead mines once spewed out fumes | Environment

Allendale chimneys, Northumberland: The flue lines from the smelter in the valley can still be seen, bulging like veins across the frosty peatland One of the restored mining chimneys at Allendale, surrounded by peatland. Photograph: Susie WhiteHigh above Allendale on this frost-sparkling January day, two stone chimneys

Country diary: a stone dog marked by time and tides | Environment

Even before the stonemason struck soft rock with hard metal for the first time, he must have known that he was destined for imperfection. Three hundred years later, the evidence was plain to see on an animal sitting on the terrace of the big house, haughty, imperious

In pictures: Six of Britain’s oldest trees | Environment

The following correction was printed in the Guardian’s Corrections and clarifications column, Saturday 1 August 2009 This picture included a reference to Wordsworth’s 1803 poem Yew Trees. In fact, the poem’s date is disputed The Borrowdale yew, Cumbria But worthier still of note/ Are those Fraternal Four