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The beauty bargains that beat the luxury brands | Sali Hughes | Fashion

From micellar water to liquid eyeliner, these top-quality products are a fraction of the price of luxury brands Sali Hughes: ‘Why would anyone pay more?’ Photograph: Alex Lake for the GuardianI try almost every new micellar cleansing water that comes on to the market, simply because I

Three of the best liquid lipsticks | Sali Hughes | Fashion

These colour-saturated stains that can be applied on the go are overtaking lipgloss sales Sali Hughes: ‘A pointed, mobile nib is essential for a clean, even glide.’ Photograph: Alex Lake for the GuardianI’m reliably informed that lipgloss sales have gone belly-up thanks to the soaring popularity of

The best do-it-all concealer wands | Sali Hughes | Fashion

Which do-it-all concealer would I buy if I lost my makeup bag and had no time to faff? ‘A great vegan option is BareMinerals.’ Photograph: Alex Lake for the GuardianOn a recent photoshoot, I observed the makeup artist use no fewer than four different concealers to perfect

Losing its sparkle: the dark side of glitter | Fashion

These days, no Instagram post or fashion show is complete without a liberal sprinkling of glitter. But questions surround its environmental impact – and role in child slavery. Is it time to stop? Bio-glitter … keeping the dream alive? Photograph: Courtesy of Eco Glitter FunLast year was

Beauty: Sali Hughes picks her favourite night creams | Fashion

This was meant to be a column on overnight face masks, but it didn’t work out like that. Over two months, I tried 45 examples (costing from under a tenner to 100-odd quid) and found not even three I could bring myself to recommend. A shame, because I love

Tried and tested: the best fig fragrances | Fashion

To me, figs are the fruit of the gods. That’s why I was excited to test these fragrances: just the idea is heaven. Miller Harris’ Figue Amère (£75 for 50ml, has a strong scent, a potent mix of tree, soil and fig. I’d say it’s quite masculine, though. Then