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Weatherwatch: Extreme flooding on rise in Europe over past 20 years | Science

Scientists track global statistics and conclude past events are not reliable predictors for future risk Aftermath of flooding inside the Glenridding Hotel caused by Storm Desmond in December 2015. Photograph: McCaren/LNP/REX/ShutterstockFor the inhabitants of the Cumbrian village of Glenridding, the winter of 2015/16 was a miserable one.

Weatherwatch: tiny particles in the air can trigger massive storms | Science

US scientists taking measurements above the Amazon rainforest have recorded the effects of smoke and aerosols on the weather Clouds gather over the rainforest near Manaus. Photograph: Fernanda Preto/Getty/Aurora CreativeMankind has made the world warmer, but we’ve also made it stormier. In a study conducted over the

2017 was the hottest year on record without El Niño boost | Environment

Data shows the year was also one of the hottest three ever recorded, with scientists warning that the ‘climate tide is rising fast’ Global temperature map, January to December 2017. Photograph: NOAA2017 was the hottest year since global records began that was not given an additional boost