Make-up on the move

Tax demands and dog mess take their toll in January. Brighten up with a powder that transports you to happier times

The cheeky bliss of the sunset-hued Illamasqua Beyond Powder, in (appropriately named) Epic, gives me pure power at this time of year. Determined to kung-fu kick the heavy grey skies and my impending tax bill, I want every blink of my eye to scream: “Take me to a tiki bar!” I want it to take me back to the day I met my neighbour Alice on the pavement outside our flats, when we giddily stomped down to the beach, avoiding the dog poo, and giggling because it felt almost tropical. And there it was, a tiki bar – it had popped up on the front overnight. The skies of Thanet, once painted by JW Turner, are frankly Epic, too, and to be engulfed in that sunset felt transcending.

At this time of year, I want my skin to shimmer like I’m inside those tropical Margate skies, with Beyond Powder smeared across my eyelids to remind me of the better times. I stick my finger right in for a heavier application, or lightly dust it across my cheekbones, shoulders and legs with a big blusher brush, for a sexy sheen.

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