Stars are the new stripes: why fashion is turning to the spiky side

In Europe, fashion’s ubiquitous stars are wrapped up in astronomy and tarot imagery, in the US they have a more political charge. But, from Dior to Clavin Klein, the message is one of spirituality, renewal and inspiration in our fractured times

Shooting through the sky, they bring good luck. In a tarot card reading they mean hope, spirituality, renewal, inspiration and serenity. On Tinder, a blue one is a “super like” (you swiped up, instead of just right, to show that this potential match is your favourite that day). On Snapchat, a large gold one means popularity (someone has replayed your snap in the past 24 hours), while a cluster stands for friendship (you are in a group chat). A marble and brass one on Hollywood Boulevard stands for celebrity; on Uber, the same symbol relates to your manners on late-night journeys home, with particular reference to whether you can hold your drink or are likely to be sick. A red one is communism, but on the US flag a white one stands for one of the 50 states. (More of which later.)

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