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Why is Emmanuel Macron always described as a “centrist” in the Guardian (Strike chaos sets rail workers on collision course with Macron, 4 April)? He is hellbent on reducing employment rights and taking on the unions. He may be young and his party new on the political scene, but he is a conservative. Why not describe him as such?
Martin Childs

As the Rolling Stones are touring in Britain this year – the 50th anniversary of the founding of Butterfly Conservation (Patrick Barkham’s Butterflywatch, 31 March) – the band should give a generous donation to the charity in recognition of the harm they did to thousands of large white butterflies released during their Hyde Park concert to remember Brian Jones.
Jacky Creswick

Paul Evans’s Country diary on the Lune Estuary (4 April) was pure and magic poetry. It should be used in schools as an example not just of perfect writing but of how we love and despoil nature at the same time.
Polly Devlin

Growing up in Wiltshire, we were told that Porton Down (UK chemical experts unable to confirm nerve agent made in Russia, 4 April) was trying to find a common cold cure and they wanted volunteers. Years later it was revealed that they were testing nerve gas. The truth is often stranger than fiction.
Paddy Hillyard

In Italy this week, Juventus supporters applauded a player from the opposition (Sport, 4 April). In England, Liverpool supporters hurled bricks and bottles at the opponents’ bus. Go figure.
Mick Wharton
Laxfield, Suffolk

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