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Our Green Star energy meter is anything but smart | Money

We have a problem with our energy supplier, Green Star. In February it offered us the free installation of a smart meter, and it seemed like a good idea to go ahead. A young man changed both the electricity and gas meters. He was only here for

Will Labrador make you switch energy suppliers? | Environment

A device that plugs into a home broadband router and automatically switches supplier when cheaper deals become available is set to revolutionise the home energy market. The launch of Labrador comes as more and more people are changing their energy companies. The company’s free service is primarily

Ofgem seeks tougher price controls on energy firms | Money

Ofgem has signalled tougher price controls for energy firms that could knock up to £25 a year off the average household gas and electricity bill. Under the proposed new rules, due to come into force in April 2021, companies that run Britain’s gas and electricity networks would

The sad inevitability of energy price rises | Letters | Environment

Privatising our vital energy services was a disaster waiting to happen, though the Tories daren’t admit it (Row over rise in energy bills for 1m households, 3 March). Every house has one set of cables carrying electricity and one set of pipes with gas; in addition, all