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Country diary: a dead newt marks the end of the line | Environment

It’s the yellow that catches my eye. Bright egg-yolk splotched with black warts, glistening against wet asphalt. Long, striped toes. A forearm flung out, fingers drooping, thumb hanging down, elegant as a lady offering her hand for a kiss. A great crested newt, Triturus cristatus, squashed. The

People using fly-tipping firms face crackdown | Environment

People who have their rubbish dumped illegally could face fines of up to £400, even if they do not personally engage in fly-tipping, under proposals being considered by ministers. The measures are aimed at tackling people who charge householders to take away their rubbish and then dump

World’s smallest elephants killed for ivory in Borneo | Environment

Even the planet’s smallest elephants, tucked away on the island of Borneo, are no longer immune to the global poaching crisis for ivory. On New Year’s Eve, wildlife officials in Sabah, Malaysian Borneo, found the bones of a beloved male elephant, nicknamed Sabre for his unusual tusks

Sainsbury’s accused of breaking pledge on chicken welfare | Business

Sainsbury’s has been accused of breaking promises on improving welfare conditions for chickens after it handed back a good practice award. The animal rights pressure group Compassion in World Farming said Sainsbury’s applied for the group’s “good chicken” award in 2010 and committed to upgrade within five