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Prince Charles laments loss of craft skills in communities | UK news

The Prince of Wales has urged communities not to lose the dwindling skills that shaped the built environment and prevent specialist trades from disappearing “at an alarming rate”. Ahead of his 70th birthday in November, the prince also said he was “deeply concerned” that young people were

Animal-free dairy products move a step closer to market | Environment

After lab-grown meat, get ready for animal-free cow’s milk. A San-Francisco startup believes it has found a solution for the guilty conscience of consumers who love eating dairy ice-cream, cheese and yoghurt, but oppose factory-style farming and its environmental footprint. Through a combination of yeast, cow DNA

Iowa stores may be forced to sell eggs from battery hens | Environment

Iowa grocery stores selling cage-free eggs may soon be required to stock eggs from battery hens as well. The bill would affect two of Iowa’s largest supermarkets, HyVee and Fareway Stores, and national chains such as Walmart, CVS, Walgreens and Target, as well as smaller independent grocers.