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11 Key Investment Tips Every Woman Should Know

When it comes to being financially secure, having a decent salary is only one part of the puzzle. There’s also your savings accounts, your emergency fund, and—*gulp*—your retirement plan. For most people, retirement comes in the form of a 401(k) and that tax-break money is invested through

UK frackers are running out of time | Environment

The UK’s shale gas industry is in a race against time to establish itself before climate change regulations shut it down. As its stands, the frackers are off the pace. With no wells yet tested for gas flow, the industry does not yet know if large-scale production

Invest in solar for a brighter future for Africa | Business

How would you like to earn a return of up to 6% on your cash while at the same time providing families in countries such as Kenya with “life-changing” access to clean, affordable solar energy? Energise Africa is a new ethical investment scheme which aims to raise