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London’s fatberg on show: ‘We thought of pickling it’ | Culture

The Whitechapel Monster, a giant block of grease from the sewers, comes to the Museum of London. Is it a monument to the age of waste? Water sewer supervisor Vince Minney works in the sewers beneath Regent Street in London. Photograph: Adrian Dennis/AFP/Getty ImagesNobody remembers exactly who

How the humble T-shirt became a fashion statement | Fashion

The history and cultural influence of the wardrobe basic is being celebrated in a new exhibition Margaret Thatcher with fashion designer Katharine Hamnett wearing a T-shirt with a nuclear protest message in 1984; and Dior’s 2017 ‘We Should All Be Feminists’ design. Composite: PA/GettyIt’s the brash upstart

Fashion queens: Bath exhibition shows off royal outfits | Fashion

From Queen Alexandra to Princess Margaret, Bath Fashion Museum explores changing tastes in its Royal Women show A waistcoat, croquet jacket and yachting jacket made for Queen Alexandra when she was the Princess of Wales. Photograph: Peter Stone/Fashion Museum BathMore than half a century ago staff at

Naked veggies and a ringing rebuke | Brief letters | Environment

Kettle’s Yard loan scheme | Plastic packaging | Books on shelves | Bayeux tapestry | Bell-ringing Plastic-wrapped peppers. Reader Vicky Woodcraft’s hunt for ‘naked’ vegetables goes on. Photograph: DutchScenery/Getty Images/iStockphotoIt is true that we no longer lend out the Ben Nicholsons and Alfred Wallises that Harland Walshaw