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Tesco to end sales of 5p carrier bags | Environment

Supermarket to stop selling ‘single-use’ bags but will offer customers ‘bags for life’ costing 10p Tesco hopes the move will cut bag sales, reducing litter and the amount of waste sent to landfill. Photograph: Steve Meddle/REX/ShutterstockThe UK’s largest retailer is to stop selling “single use” 5p carrier

Job cuts loom at scandal-hit chicken supplier 2 Sisters | Environment

Nine hundred jobs are under threat at three poultry plants belonging to 2 Sisters Food Group, the UK’s largest supplier of supermarket chicken, which has been dogged by a controversy over food standards. The potential closure of two of the firm’s West Midlands factories in Smethwick and

Simple steps to save the planet from plastic | Letters | Environment

Maggie Sutton calls on all sellers of loose fruit and veg to supply only paper bags, andKate Lammin says Waitrose and Prince Charles’s Duchy brand aren’t helping, whileMelanie Wood looks to the Guardian to set an example Plastic-wrapped bell peppers. Photograph: DutchScenery/Getty Images/iStockphotoI do so agree with

Hundreds of MPs call on supermarkets to scrap plastic packaging | Environment

Cross-party group of 200 MPs have written to the major supermarkets, as pressure grows over the huge amounts of plastic waste they generate Major supermarkets in the UK create more than 800,000 tonnes of plastic packaging waste each year. Photograph: Will Rose/GreenpeaceTwo hundred cross-party MPs are calling