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Beastly weather and climate catastrophe | Letters | Environment

Michael Dukes’ Weatherwatch report at the back of Tuesday’s Guardian (20 March) is far too important to be relegated to such a minor position. He is giving us what should be considered front-page news and his few column inches must be expanded into a longer article that fully

Pollutionwatch: Cold snap worsens particle load of air | Environment

The last days of the “beast from the east” cold spell caused air pollution problems across large parts of the UK, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. Within the UK particle pollution reached between five and 10 on the UK government’s 10-point scale over parts of south Wales

Country diary: the dance of the snow devils | Environment

Watching snow devils rise, dance and vanish in the field, as if they were beings composed of moonlight, was strangely compelling. It was really parky. For the past few days there had been intermittent snow showers, slow-motion flakes drifting without direction that settled into a sugaring. These

The sad inevitability of energy price rises | Letters | Environment

Privatising our vital energy services was a disaster waiting to happen, though the Tories daren’t admit it (Row over rise in energy bills for 1m households, 3 March). Every house has one set of cables carrying electricity and one set of pipes with gas; in addition, all

Thousands of starfish washed ashore after UK storm – video | Global

Starfish, crabs and other sea creatures have washed up in their thousands on the south-east coast at Ramsgate after freezing weather and storms hit the UK. Similar scenes of creatures piled up on beaches in Norfolk and along the Holderness coast in Yorksire have also been reported.